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  • Want to sing those high notes with ease?
  • Want to learn about contemporary singing techniques like Complete Vocal Technique and Estill?
  • Interested in tips for studio recording?
  • Would you just like to improve your voice and singing in an inspiring learning environment coached by a seasoned expert?
My passion is to help singers of all levels to reach their goals and reach even further. My teaching studio is designed for singing lessons and getting the most out of them.

My strongest asset as a teacher is strong interest in the voice science and the ability to translate that deep knowledge into practical applications. With this knowledge combined to my broad pedagogical and artistic experience I have created evidence-based unique vocal exercises and training methods to help you sing more effortlessly and express yourself in the best possible and truthful way. Many of these exercises you won't find anywhere else. From my lessons and courses you will get specially tailored tools to develop your voice.

I teach private voice lessons and courses in my studio in Helsinki and coach singers all over the world also online through Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. I give workshops and lectures in Finland and abroad both in private and public institutions and on international voice conferences.



I have graduated as a Master of Music (MMus) from the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts, Helsinki. I majored in music education studying also both pop/jazz and classical singing as well as classical piano, band instruments and film composition. I wrote my thesis on artistry and artistic thinking in vocal pedagogy. I am one of the first Authorised Complete Vocal Technique teachers in Finland having graduated in 2009. In addition to CVT I have studied other techniques and methods such as Estill Voice Training and Speech Level Singing. I educate myself on a regular basis by attending seminars, conferences and courses as well as reading current literature on voice, singing, art and pedagogy. I have participated in various research projects and so far have published an article in Journal of Voice together with professor Johan Sundberg.

As a singer I have an extensive work history. I performed as a musical theatre artist for example at the Helsinki City Theatre. I have provided backing vocals for Nightwish, a Finnish metal sensation and sang live on TV for dozens of millions people performing both solo and with international stars such as Lara Fabian. I have performed solo and with bands in Finland and abroad singing my own music, pop, jazz and rock.


Singing is constant movement. Pitch, dynamics, resonances, different body parts and air - they all move. There is also movement in emotions and expression. Singing moves people both physically and emotionally. Moving Voice is a holistic approach I have developed for understanding and training your voice. I have combined my experience with current scientific knowledge to provide a broad spectrum of tools to train your voice no matter the genre or style. All sounds and styles can be sung in a healthy way without straining your voice. With easy exercises and techniques everyone can learn to sing how they want. In addition to providing effective technical tools Moving Voice helps you also to develop your artistic expression and interpretation. I teach workshops on Moving Voice for both singers and teachers.
You can contact me if you want to cooperate arranging a workshop.


I have worked with Ville throughout my career, especially when I have had something specific to practice or to prepare for. I trust Ville 110%. I know that he can help me find new things about my voice. Warming up and strengthening my voice especially throughout my voice change was a very big and important thing for me. Ville had methods and exercises to help me overcome my voice change and make my voice even better. I have had a lot of help from Ville also for expression and interpretation. Ville has gave me tremendous psychological and technical support before important performances and recording sessions.
Isac Elliot, artist
I had lessons from Ville while I was working in Mamma Mia musical at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki. It is easy and fun to work with Ville, he has a good understanding of the voice and how it works. He hears right away what you need help with and he makes it easy with fun and good exercises. One of the best things is that he can show, with his own voice, what he wants you to do so you can imitate.
Lineah Svärd, singer & musical theatre artist
I have had a long career as a singer in the Finnish National Opera. I contacted Ville to work on my popular music singing technique, especially high notes. Ville showed that an old dog learns new tricks, even surprisingly fast. Technical exercises were very useful while I performed the role of Phantom in Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical Phantom of the Opera.
Ilkka Hämäläinen, opera singer

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My goal is to offer the most efficient and best possible vocal teaching. My teaching studio located in Kallio, Helsinki, is built for this purpose. It is acoustically treated and has a set of professional studio and live microphones, pre-amps and sound system.

Possible subjects for voice lessons:

  • High notes
  • Vocal Range
  • Dynamics
  • Style
  • Complete Vocal Technique
  • Vibrato
  • Distortion and other rough effects
  • Interpretation and expression
  • Breathing and body work
  • Improvisation

Single lessons 78 € / 55 minutes, 5 and 10 lesson packages also available

A single lessons of 55 minutes includes time to make notes and booking the next session. You will also be provided with tools for vocal exercises such as straws. With 5 and 10 lesson packages you will also get access to my vocal training videos. Payments by card, invoice or cash.



Everyone can be a singer and make music. When you sing your first tone you are already a singer. Through my work as a singing teacher and music educator I have become confident that everyone can improve their voice and singing. My job as a teacher is to support each individual's development and progress towards their goals as well as I can. Everyone can do sports, not only top athletes. Just as well everyone can and should have a chance to make music and sing, not only professionals.

Important values for me as a teacher are equality and critical thinking. In my teaching I consciously try to give the responsibility of artistic choices to the singer. This way I challenge the traditional hierarchy of music tuition where the teacher tells the student what to do and how, what is right and wrong. I am an expert on music and singing but my student is the expert of their own singing, sensations and artistry. With my knowledge and expertise I can offer several angles on power relations and currents in music as well as tools to examine them critically. The skill of artistic thinking is something I strive to encourage and strengthen as a teacher.

Singing and using voice is personal and by doing it the singer is revealing much about themselves. This is why I try to create a safe and positive learning environment, one that encourages students to do their best and where mistakes are seen as possibilities to learn something new.