Boy With Strings - Ville Laaksonen as an artist

Ville Laaksonen also works as a recording and performing artist. He has written songs for popular artists in Finland and collaborates with other writers all around the Europe on a regular basis. At the moment Laaksonen is focusing on his project Boy With Strings. The debut album 'Spaces Between Memories' was released in 2015.

Boy With Strings is the solo project of Ville Laaksonen. He writes the music, sings, plays keyboards, programs and produces. As the name states, there is a strong presence of strings, especially violin played by Tommi Asplund. Boy With Strings tells stories about passing of time, memories, changing seasons, possibilities, nature, choices and all kinds of dreams and conceptions.

Boy With Strings is ever-changing layers of music from different times and places. The music tries to seize the day, is well-thought, constructed, sometimes erased and thought over again - but it always feels right in the beginning and in the end. In his musical history Ville has been influenced by western classical music, folk music from Europe and around the world, all kinds of pop music, electronic music, choral and acappella music.

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